Epic Family Journey

About us

epicfamilyjourney is a travel blog for friends, family and curious people. This blog will recount our weekly adventures during our journey around the world, from summer of 2016 to summer of 2017. We aspire to make this blog, like our trip, entertaining, interesting and unpretentious. We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading our adventures.

Now, let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves :


Simon (36 years old)

IMG_8322Even though I had the chance to visit and explore every province in Canada, leaving for a trip around the world has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Going to University, climbing up the corporate ladder and having kids took care of setting back this project. It was honestly worth the wait as I can now leave on this trip with my favorite travel mates. I leave behind a Director of Sales job I truly enjoyed and the comfort of our life in Calgary to live this one-of-a-kind aventure, leave my comfort zone and fully enjoy this oh so short life. I am eager to realize this personal challenge. Living for a year with everything I need in a backpack will be a nice change from the weeled luggage and the room at the Marriott.



Karine (36 years old)

IMG_2346When I was 14, I had the chance to leave for two weeks in France for a foreign student exchange. This was my first trip outside of Canada, an experience that was both interesting and enriching. I remember being amazed by France History, the castles and landscapes, but living with another family and discovering a different culture really shook me up. Despite all the years that passed, I keep wonderful memories of this trip and in a way, I think this is the trip that got me hooked on travelling. When I turned 18, I decided like many young french-canadians to leave with my backpack to Western Canada and learn English. I landed in Banff, Alberta and stayed there for close to two years. I loved this experience and keep once again great memories from this trip. So when we started to discuss leaving for a trip around the world with our kids, you can bet I was up for it! While it might not be easy every day, and I will miss the comfort of my house, I look forward to this great personal challenge 🙂


Kolya (11 years old)

IMG_2318Kolya is the sport guy of the family, he cannot sit down for very long unless he is holding and ipad or a Nintendo DS. Is true passion is hockey. He has been playing since he was five and for the last two years, he traded is forward position to play goalie. He knows more hockey players than both his parents combined. He is a true fanatic. When the spring comes, he trades his goalie stick for a Lacrosse stick and enthusiastically play this national sport. He also like to play outside and never miss an opportunity to play in the ravine behind our house with his friends. Curious by nature, he is very interested by world History and more specifically the two World Wars. Lately, he discovered himself an interest in drawing and makes his own cartoons.


Hugo (8 years old)

IMG_2305Hugo is our youngest son and is the (real life of the party). He is always positive and upbeat, loves to tease and make people laugh. Hugo loves to bake with is daddy and makes the best choco-banana muffins one can taste. He loves to party and won’t hesitate to pump up the volume to dance. He loves to play lego and is really creative. While he loves to try different sports, last winter he went back to play hockey and really enjoyed playing in the same team as his friends. Moreover, this sensible little gentlemen loves his friends and will miss them profoundly during the next year. As he is a sociable person, he will certainly make himself some friends around the world by the end of this journey.