Epic Family Journey

Oh, Barcelona!

We finished our great adventure in Barcelona. What more could we ask? The city of all dreams, the city of Picasso, Gaudi and Dali. It was a week of emotion. The excitement of coming home, seeing our family and friends was mixed with the melancholy of the end of our adventure. We realized that it was a mourning that we needed to do and unfortunately, we lived this mourning a little prematurely and it tinted of gray our week in Barcelona. But do not worry, these moments of passing sadness left as fast as they came when we walked in this beautiful city.


Thanks to a family contact we were lucky to rent a large apartment in the heart of Barcelona, close to all services and only 20 minutes walk from all the most important tourist attractions of the city. As usual, we started our exploration with our traditional walking tour by Rick Steves, God we will miss this guy! He made us go through several back alleys as we learned more about Catalonia and discovered a magnificent church. Of course we all drank water from the Canaletes fountain which will make sure we return to Barcelona one of these days.


We certainly could not miss out on visiting the masterpieces of Gaudi, so we decided to visit the Güell Park. Initially, this place was supposed to become a unique neighbourhood for the wealthy, but the project was not successful and never completed. Today it is possible to enter a few buildings and visit the open areas and gardens of the complex. Honestly, the visit to the park left us a bit hungry for more. The grounds are beautiful, the few buildings that have been built are breathtaking, but we would have liked to see a museum or at least a little more information on the site.

Gaudi is also responsible for the Sagrada Familia, a project which is still not completed to date. In this place too, you have to buy tickets way ahead because it is an extremely busy attraction. Outside, there are so many statues, towers and tiny details that it’s hard to take it all in. This was not easier by any mean inside, the openness and modernity of the architecture, the colours of the stain glasses and the dynamic lines of the architecture make it a unique place in the world that we would like to revisit once completed.

Open Camp

On the last day of our adventure, we had planned a very special day. The hell with the budget!, our last day of this trip must be about having fun as a family! Simon had discovered that the former site of the Olympic Games in Barcelona offered the chance to practice a multitude of sport activities with the family. Unfortunately, Karine awoke with a fever and had to stay in bed all day. It did not matter, it became a “boys” day out that included boxing, soccer, rifle shooting, etc. It was three exhausted boys who came back at the hotel that evening. Fortunately, Karine was better the next day for the return flight that would take us back home across the ocean.

We were very pleased with our choice to return to Europe for a few more weeks following our stay in South-East Asia. We fell in love with the old continent. There is so much to see, so much to discover and stories to learn in Europe. We will definitely go back someday!

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