Epic Family Journey

Between four walls in Granada!

Before we left Calgary, we met a doctor who gave us a lot of good advice to stay healthy through our journey. After our adventures in India, we decided to live a little more dangerously and did not follow all those advice for the Southeast Asia part of our trip. For example, we swam in other water bodies than the oceans, we ate lettuce, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and we drank smoothies with ice in it. All of this without being sick even once!  On the other hand, we were well prepared, we had all the medicines against the Delhi Belly which we feared like the plague. Let us tell you that this one caught up with us and took its revenge.

It all started in Seville and continued throughout our week-long stay in Granada. The three eldest members of the family were affected one after the other. Let us tell you that we were very happy to live in the city center and that our daily expeditions were always within walking distance of the apartment in case one of us three needed to shorten the visit. At one point, we even thought that we had caught a parasite, but it would seem that it was not the case as we are all healthy now. Our poor Kolya, who was celebrating his 12th birthday in Granada, was sick and we had to postpone his birthday dinner and cake to later days.

Unfortunately, Hugo also had his shares of problems. He too will have his own story to share on anatomical problem in Granada. In a nutshell, we had to visit the emergency room of the Granada hospital with Hugo. The whole thing began with small red spots on his back that spread all over his body in three days. Could it be chicken pox or something more dangerous? We called our travel insurance company that sent us to the city hospital because the doctors in the surrounding clinics did not speak English. We met a doctor after less than an hour of waiting in the emergency room (yes you read well, less than an hour of waiting time) who even spoke French. Verdict: spider bite! What? After a month in India and four months in Southeast Asia, it is in Spain that he got bitten by a bug that gives red spots ?.

Despite all our misadventures, we liked Granada which looks a little like Seville because of its medieval character of Islamic origin. This city is built on steep hills, which allowed us to enjoy magnificent point of views while working on our cardio. We walked through the city, explored the back alleys and visited parts of the Alcazar of Granada.

Since we were there during the Holy Week, we even saw a Catholic procession just in front of our flat. Experiencing Easter somewhere else allowed us to discover a whole new facet of this religious holiday. New customs, original costumes and intense devotion. The parade took place over several hours and ended in the wee hours of the night (including the marching band). When the whole thing started again the next night, we were happy to leave Granada in the morning.

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