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Langkawi, a nice discovery!

We did not know what to expect about Langkawi when we were planning our stay in Malaysia, but this island is another destination we really enjoyed visiting in this country. After spending a few days on the island of Penang we took the wise decision to drop off our bags there for a while. We made the journey by ferry between Penang and Langkawi. This ferry had nothing to compare with the huge ferries we took in Greece and we were very surprised to board a tiny boat (in comparison) that could hold a hundred people top.

Langkawi is the main island of a series of a hundred smaller islands located to the west of the Malaysian Peninsula. We finally found the beach we were looking for since we arrived in Southeast Asia. It is crazy that we had to wait until the end of our trip in Asia to find a beach we really liked, but is it not often the case for many of us? Who did not find THE restaurant at the end of their stay in Mexico or THE quiet corner of a beach the day before flying back home? On our side, we will leave Asia with the image of Langkawi beach in mind.

Pentai Cenang is a busy little area of the island that has retained most of its rural charm, with its houses on stilts, small roads and some rustic restaurants. There is a lot of greenery, even in this dry season. Life on the island takes place at the rhythm of the waves, that is to say, very smoothly. For example a restaurant that is supposed to open at 6:30 PM may very well open at 7:10 PM and that’s fine. It does not matter, we have all our time.

Despite the presence of a few sea-doos, we loved our stay on the Langkawi beach. The water was turquoise and warm and there was no rubbish. The boys were even able to use their diving equipment again without seeing anything exciting unfortunately. The beach was cleaned every morning so it was perfect to let the guys play in the sand without having to worry. We had access to an umbrella and two deck chairs for a low-cost. What more did we need? The place was so idyllic that we chose to spend all our time there enjoying the beach and relaxing. With all this time on the beach, we have never been so tanned, except Karine that is still white as snow according to some friends with whom we discussed on Facetime.

There are many activities to do on the island, but knowing that the next two months in Europe will be very busy, we chose to relax and do nothing. Nothing to do makes it possible to read a book almost without interruption?, or even to play board games or to draw. You know, quality time spent alone or as a family…

We were lucky enough to rent a lovely little cottage that was located at about 5 minute walk from the beach. Since there was a kitchen, we took the opportunity to prepare some meals at home and to relax a beer in hand on our balcony. Since 1986,  Langkawi is duty-free, so beer is really cheap compared to the rest of the country. We also had a few thunderstorms that perfectly enhanced our evenings sitting on the balcony.

We left the island with the sense that we finally had accomplished our mission of finding a great beach. Langkawi is a beautiful beach destination that we would not hesitate to recommend. Another stage is completed towards the end of our stay in South East Asia which is fast approaching.

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