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Georgetown, a surprising small city!

It is in Malaysia that we decided to conclude our adventures in Southeast Asia. The countdown has started. The end of summer temperatures, of the long days at the beach and of delicious street food is coming fast. We decided to end our SE Asia tour by visiting three distinct cities of Malaysia and we started by Georgetown situated on the island of Penang. It is for its culture and its food that we went to Georgetown, an historical city recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Arriving at our destination, we discovered a very charming town. Having been an important trading port at the time, several cultures still live side by side and it is possible to find a Hindu temple, a mosque and a church just a few blocks from each other. Colonial architecture blends harmoniously with Asian architecture. Several of these buildings are well preserved for the pleasure of tourists.

Georgetown is a city that works on getting more tourists, which is no different from the other cities we visited in Asia. What makes Georgetown unique is the multitude of street art that is found in the historic district. It’s with a tourist map in hands that we have walked the old town to do a treasure hunt with the children. We have seen an abundance of paintings and wall sculptures. The latter always come with a quote or anecdote about the history of the city. We loved this original way of exploring this city.

We also took the time to get lost on the docks of some Clan-Jetties. These are villages built on stilts above the ocean. Each Jetty belongs to a different Chinese clan. The houses are made from a special wood that make them resistant to salt water. These houses are still inhabited and it is a very special experience to walk and observe the daily life of the people who live in these floating villages.

We took advantage of a wonderful day to go hiking in Penang National Park. This walk in the Malaysian jungle led us to see some monitor lizards including one that measured about two meters long. We were all really impressed by this aquatic reptile. After passing by Monkey Beach we continued our way to the lighthouse. We took a series of steps that led us breathless and dripping with sweat at the Penang lighthouse which is still in operation. The view from the lighthouse was magnificent; The jungle on one side and the ocean on the other.

Georgetown is recognized as the gastronomic capital of Malaysia and we can only agree with this statement. The first evening we found a place where several stands offered food in the evening. There was something for everyone and from all origins. There, we ate the best noodles with fried green onions from all our trip but we must say that it was the first time we tasted this dish ;).

We enjoyed our stay in Georgetown. This augured very well for the rest of Malaysia and our excitement carried on to our next destination … Langkawi beach.

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