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School on the road

Hello everyone. This post is about how I like “going to school” while traveling. Personally, I prefer when a teacher teaches me, but it’s cool, I say thank you to my mom for teaching me. I prefer the real teachers because they have had teaching courses. At least, I only do 2 hours of work per day. Here’s a difference, when I ask for the meaning of a word, my teachers tell me the meaning of it, but my mother tells me to go check in the dictionary. Also, we do not have any snack while traveling, but I eat so much different type of food.

Here’s how it works 

First, Mr. David (my teacher) sends me some school work and my mother bought the same Math and English workbooks from school. Do not forget that he sends me several more problems and additional projects. I do a French-Math-French-Math rotation and I do English once in a while. I do this for about two hours per day; it’s not long huh? After schoolwork, it’s free time!

Do I like going to school on the road?

It’s super cool, I like to have lots of free time and to do some reading. On the other hand, I miss my friends because it has been more than 6 months since I saw them face to face. I talk to them and my family on Facetime. I also met friends on the road. For example, in Thailand, I met a 12 years old boy from Russia. We had lots of fun playing in the pool. By chance, he spoke English!

Social Studies and Science

For social studies I visit museums about the culture and history of the country we are visiting. For science, I visit science museums. I learned a lot about the cultures, traditions and religious beliefs of many countries. In addition, I watch Ted-Ed and “C’est pas sorcier” videos on Internet. I learned several new things by watching these, for example: Napoleon was the first emperor after the French revolution, how robots work and how the first World War began.

Gym time

Me, my dad and Hugo are running and we went kayaking, swimming and hiking as a family. In addition, I walk so much that it counts at least for two gym classes.

I am super lucky because I have no paper to write, I have no homework to do and I do not do any exams. Also, I have plenty of time to read books. By the way, my mom asked me to make this post, otherwise I would have made a post about the history of Singapore.

Thank you for reading this post.♞


4 thoughts on “School on the road

  1. susie

    Hello Kolya, my name is Susie.I know your Grandmother Annie.just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading about your adventure.Your very lucky to have this experience with Mom and Dad and your brother.This is something that you will remember forever!! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Richard

    Super ton billet Kolya. La prochaine fois que tu veux savoir le sens d’un mot et que ta maman te dit d’aller voir dans le dictionnaire, demande à ton père, c’est plus rapide.

  3. Francine

    Salut Kolya. Je sais pas si c’est toi qui a écrit le texte en anglais mais c’est très bien écrit. Ton histoire est intéressante et ça donne le goût de faire une voyage juste pour étudier. La prochaine fois amène-moi avec toi… j’ai besoin d’exercices.
    Mamichat xxx

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