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What is a tsunami?

Did you know that the word tsunami is a Japanese word🗾 that means “big wave🌊 in the harbor”? A harbor is the place where the boats are tied up.

Causes of the tsunami

A tsunami is also called a tidal wave. Most of the time, tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, by volcanic🌋 phenomena, by an underwater explosion💥, by meteorites💫, and so on.

Tsunami Steps

  • Origin (for example an earthquake)
  • Spread (energy⚡️ that travels in water)
  • Breaking on the coasts (the wave that hit the coast)


The tsunami weight and speed are problematic. The wave can go as fast as 700 to 800 km∕h, that’s🚀 really fast! The wave of a tsunami goes so fast that nobody can escape it, not even Usain Bolt🏃🏻. You need to get away very quick, there’s no time to put gas⛽️in the car. A tsunami can measure a few hundred meters high and it destroys almost everything in its path (even cars and houses). Tsunamis are natural disasters.

With scientific instruments, we can detect the cause of a tsunami and try to predict it, but it is very difficult. There are tsunami worldwide watch alert🚨  centres that can help the population👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 to evacuate.

In 2004, there was the biggest tsunami in the world!

  • It has affected 11 countries such as Thailand
  • It traveled a distance of 3000 meters in the Indian Ocean
  • It killed 220,000 people😭😱

Tsunamis are very dangerous, it can happen everywhere, even in Canada🇨🇦! There was a tsunami in Newfoundland in 1929. 27 persons died during that event.

If there is a tsunami, it is necessary to flee as far as possible in the land and in elevation, on a mountain🗻 if possible. I hope the ocean is calm because I’m going to play at the beach this week.

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