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What I learned on the Vietnam War

Hello everyone,

In this post, I will talk about the Vietnam War, a horrible war in my opinion. This post will only talk about the things the Americans have used during this war. We have seen many horrible things done by the Americans, such as using Agent Orange that destroy everything it crosses. Amongst other horrible actions were the bombing, they were literally bombing everywhere, such as the My Son ruins in Vietnam. This post will have three parts : one on the beginning of the war, one on the Cu Chi tunnels and one on the weapons used during the conflict.

The start of the war

I would like to talk about the beginning of this big war. After the second World War, Japan was occupying Vietnam (this could be a post by itself, so I will go straight to the independence) after the liberation by the Japanese, Vietnam was separated in two, the North Vietnam (Communist) and the South Vietnam (Capitalist). The North Vietnam wanted the whole country to be communist so it started invading the South sending guerrillas. Since the US were anti-communist, they quickly came to support the south and be part of the action. This is what caused the Vietnam war.

Cu Chi tunnels  

The Cu Chi tunnels have a long history, they exist since the Indochina war (1946-1954). During the Vietnam war, the Northern soldiers were hiding weapons, food and other material there. Those tunnels measured around 250km, we only went through about 100m.  To protect the tunnels, they had disposed many traps with names like “chair”, “window”, “door trap” etc. The general Giap was using those traps to slow down the enemy, this way they were helping their fellow soldiers instead of attacking the tunnels. Did you know that the Vietnamese did not have black powder and they were using the remains of missiles that failed to explode?

Weapons used during the war

Many kind of weapons were used during the conflict: planes, anti-air cannons, rocket launchers, tanks, choppers, etc. The US soldiers literally bombed everywhere in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos area. This helped the Vietnamese a little since they were using the rockets that did not explode to create artisanal land mines and bombs(´•_•`). The Americans also used chemical weapons such as Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a product that is literally invincible and burn everything alive because it’s a very strong chemical. Everything that happened during this war was CHAOS.

I really learned a lot on the Vietnam war. This country went through a lot, but I had a lot of fun in this country.


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