Epic Family Journey

My visit to the elephant conservation centre

Hello everyone! Less than a month before Christmas and my family and I went for a visit in an elephant conservation center. We stayed there all day. It was really cool!

What does an elephant eat?

Elephants eat for about 18 hours a day, they eat vegan (no product coming from animals). We gave them their morning snack. There was a large basket filled with watermelons and squash the elephant ate everything quickly. We fed it with its trunk. We put the food where its trunk bent and the elephant put the food in its mouth. Later in the day, I also feed them bananas and corn. Elephants love sweet food, if they have a choice, they will eat the watermelon first and then bananas.

Where are the elephants from

The elephants that live at the center have been rescued from several places. Some of them had stepped on a mine that exploded and wounded the elephant. Others were rescued from circuses. There were also some that came directly from the jungle. There was a lot of female elephants. I also saw a baby elephant that was only 7 months, he was too cute.

I washed an elephant

Elephants don’t wash with soap and water. They wash in the river water. We washed an elephant by doing a huge water fight, it was really funny.

Other information

The Asian elephant can live around 60-70 years. They drink with their trunk and eat through their mouth. They use “sunscreen” for elephant called earth or sand. They love to play in the mud?. The female Asian elephant has no tusks. It has 4 huge teeth. At the Center, they sleep on a bed made of sand.

I loved my visit with the elephants. If someone offers you to ride on the back of an elephant, don’t go ?? please, because it hurts them. If you go to Chiang Mai, I recommend to visit the rescue center called Elephant Nature Park.

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