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An excursion in the Thar desert

Hello dear readers, in Bikaner we did a long tour of 3 days and 2 nights of camel riding. The tour was an excursion in the Thar desert. Did you know that this desert is the most populated in the world? In fact, this desert contains 83 people per square kilometer, but most people live in Bikaner and Jaisalmer! I hope you like this article about the Thar desert.


In the Thar desert, there is a few kind of transport that you can use. We have chosen to ride camels because this was one of the main activities to do in Bikaner. We had 4 camels and one of them was pulling a cart where our guides kept our backpacks, food, blankets, etc. Other means of transport are also used in the desert, such as motorcycles and cars, but only on the roads. There are many people who simply walk. I think that riding camels was a great idea.


There is no electricity in the desert, so residents of the desert have to cook their meals over a fire. In the desert, we were doing a fire to cook all our meals: for breakfast we ate porridge, toasts and my dad drank some chai tea. For lunch, we ate vegetables, rice and chapatis (bread). For dinner, we ate dhal (lentils), rice, chapatis and dad was still drinking tea chai. Preparing these dishes took about 30 long minutes?, sometimes a full hour ?.

Sleeping under the stars

Mom had reserved a tent to sleep in the desert, but I wanted to sleep under the stars and so did my brother Hugo who remained outside with me and my dad. After listening to the jokes of our guide, we went to sleep on a blanket, directly on the sand. It was a very starry night, so we’ve seen a few shooting stars. We watched both the sunset and the sunrise and dad even saw a “Moon sunset”. This surprised me because I thought we would get cold, but actually a blanket over us was OK. It’s about 15c at night in the desert.


Inhabitants of the desert.

During our trek we saw many inhabitants and their large fields where they virtually grow the same kinds of crops: water melons, millet and other cereals, etc. The inhabitants live mainly in the huts, but sometimes in small houses. Their lands are made of sand, so it’s hard to grow fruit and vegetables. Residents have often cows eating their plantations so they hit them with sticks. These people are important for the production of food of Rajasthan.

Some good information about the desert

  • Did you know that 40% of the population of Rajasthan live the Thar desert?
  • Did you know that this desert covers 320 000 square km of India?
  • Did you know that it is home to 23 species of lizards and 25 species of snakes?

To conclude, this desert is so impressive. There are many things that I didn’t know, for example that you can grow fruits and vegetables in the sand. Honestly, we saw no snake or scorpion because they hibernate, but I was afraid to see those so I’m glad we didn’t. The temperature was very hot during the day because of the sun and we had to put on a shirt to protect ourselves from the Sun. The Thar desert is the second desert that I have seen ?. (Don’t forget the Deadlands of Drumheller!)


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