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The roman emperors⚔

Some emperors have had major impacts on the lives of humans for their many accomplishments. My favorite city is Rome because there were numerous emperors who reigned there. There was too many so I will be talking about only two in this post: Augustus and Caesar. These two emperors were of the Julio-Claudienne dynasty.

dsc_0895Caius Julius Caesar

The most known emperor is certainly Jules Caesar. Caesar was born in 101 BC in a noble family. He is known mainly because of his fight against Gaule (think Asterix and Obelix). He conquered Belgium first. With his three legions he charged the Belgian camp, after winning the battle only Gaule remained to be pacified by Ceasar. Caesar died on the stairs of the Roman Forum, he was stabbed ? 22 times by his adopted son Brutus and his companions. I saw where it happened!


Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus

Another one of my favorite emperor is “the Imperator” Auguste. Octave was born on September 23, 63 BC J C. His mother Atia was the niece of Jules Caesar.  The latter had adopted Octave before his death. He is known for his many battles, for example his fight against Antoine. Antoine and Octavian wanted to have power for themselves, Octavian consolidated the Senatorial party. Antoine was also one of the assassins of Caesar. Augustus gave the throne to his stepson Tiberius, Tiberius was probably the emperor when baby Jesus was born.


 Roman Emperor

An emperor is often selected by inheritance for example, Augustus was the adopted son of Caesar. When you were emperor you had several legions of legionaries at your service. When the general of the emperor was coming back from the battle there was a big parade. First came the porters with their big treasure, second came a parade of animals from the conquered lands in third were prisoners of war, and finally the hero on his wagon pulled by four horses. The emperors had more to do with politics than royalty. When Emperor Constantine saw a vision of the cross, he changed the empire so it wouldn’t be as political, but more Papal.

To conclude, I prefer the system of today with the Prime Ministers and Presidents. This is a very smart system because they have to get approval from the people to decide the laws instead of a King deciding. Using democracy instead of royalty makes a happier population. A decision must be made by everyone and not by only a person otherwise there’s a good chance that there is a big part of the population that won’t be happy.

Ciao e leggere altri posti.

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