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What I learned about Greece

Hello dear readers,

In September we went to visit Greece. Greece is so big that we only got the visit a few cities: Thessaloniki, Kastraki, Athens, Parikia and Agia Anna. All these cities were really interesting. Athens, Paros and Naxos islands and Thessaloniki each have their acropolis. Today I will talk to you about the ancient Greece.

Greek mythology

The name Athens, according to a legend known in Greece, comes from the battle between Athena and Poseidon. For naming rights, Poseidon offered a stream while Athena offered an olive tree. Fortunately, Athena won the battle because otherwise, the city would have perhaps been named “Poseidona” ?. When the Athenians were going on the acropolis to pray they were also deposing some small figurines made of marble or clay. Residents of Greece loved the gods and they carved statues to honour them. The statues were carved in any material, wood, marble, iron… Did you also know that they were putting the statues everywhere? They even put them on the houses! Athenians were building huge temples in honour of the gods, for example the temple of Zeus, the temple of Athena Nike and the Parthenon. Every Greek cities had their protective gods as Minerva and Athena.

The battle of the Peloponnese

dsc_0523Long ago, the Athenians were so strong they wanted to extend their power over all of Greece but some of the other Greek cities were in discord. There was one thing that Athens was afraid of: the Spartans. While the Athenians were almost unbeatable on the water, Spartans were the most powerful on the land. Additionally, I learned that the young Spartans, my age, were sent in camps to train for the war and become soldiers. After a terrible war, when the athenian troops were almost done, the Macedonians came, and invaded Greece. The Macedonians did not destroy Athens they just helped them rebuild.


The Romans S.P.Q.R.

The Romans also conquered Athens and they decided not to destroy Art but to keep it. I’ll tell you a couple of things that they kept.

1 # they kept the Parthenon but inside the Greek Parthenon, the Romans built a Catholic Church.

2 # the Panathenaic stadium: instead of Greek runners they watched Gladiators.

3 # the temple of Zeus. When the Romans came the temple of Zeus was not finished, so the emperor Hadrian had it finished. He also had built a neighbourhood around the temple: Hadrianopolis.

The Romans loved Greek art and they loved to copy their art. The Romans made their own statues of their hero ex Hercules. Unfortunately, when the barbarians invaded a lot of the remaining art and buildings were broken down.

In conclusion, in Greece I especially loved the good – gyros yum! ?.  The temples were made of marble and the statues too. The Islands restaurant menus were all the same, Gyros and Souvlaki, Gyros and Souvlaki… I even invented a songs about food: “Gyros souvlaki Moussaka Calamari” Ha Ha Ha! Bye Gyros Hello Italian Pizza.                   

Αντίο (Goodbye)                             

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