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My visit to the Panathenaic stadium

My family and I 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 visited the Panathenaic Stadium. This stadium is in Athens, Greece. We went to visit the stadium because my brother and I wanted to go, we love everything about sport. We walked to get there, I know that you think this must have been a long walk, but we lived close by so it only took us 5-10 minutes, it was not very long!  We went around 10:00-11:00, but it was already super hot outside😅.

The Panathenaic stadium was built during the 4th century BC, it’s very old! The stadium takes its name from the length of the track, a stadium measure about 185 meters. The place where spectators attended contained more than 68 000 places. The seats were all made in marble, so I guess it wasn’t very comfortable.

We went through a very special corridor because this was the place where all the Gladiators, lions🐯 & Olympians have been walking to get in the stadium. My brother and I👬 had a race around the stadium race track, unfortunately I lost when I arrived in 2nd place😅. But since my brother made a mistake by going into my line, we can say that I won the gold medal 🏆.

Although the Rio Olympic have just ended, we saw the Rio’s Olympic torch. It was beautiful and brilliant. We even took a picture! Here it is, just for you, the torch of Rio 2016 Olympic!


I loved my visit. If you go to Athens, I recommend you go there. If you go, I wish you a super good day.

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