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My visit to the zoo

Dear readers,

Recently, we visited Budapest. This city was very big and really beautiful thanks to its parks and castles. In addition, there is an immense zoo. Did you know that the Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest zoo in the world? It was built in 1866 and later, in 1868, the zoo was given a fierce lion.  In this post, I will explain why I liked this zoo.

Inside the zoo, there were fourteen different habitats that have the following names: the Australian Region, Tropical, Savanna, Tropical America, the Indian Area, the Home of János Xantus, the Area of Madagascar, the Home of Snakes and Large Reptiles, the House of Primates, the Enclosure of the Giant Pachyderms, the World of Water, the Farm, the Botanical Garden, the Butterfly Pavilion and the Mini-Farm. The animals are grouped by regions. Each region has nearly 100 pens and each pen keep 5 to 15 animals. Altogether, there are more than 1,000 species to be observed, it is much more than 130 species of the Calgary Zoo! Almost every region has their Fun Park and the parks were very large and full of cool games, especially the one in the Indian region.

We saw a lot of interesting animals and we learned new things. We have seen otters do exercises and they plunged into their pools. In addition, we have seen red-bellied piranhas, they frightened us. There were animals that we cannot see in Calgary, such as koalas, boars and hyenas. I liked seeing new animals. One of the new animals was a sloth, there were several enclosures for these. The sloth were green ! We have also seen koalas. One of the koalas was sleeping but the other looked at us with big eyes . We learned that koalas could be as fierce as a bears. We also learned that the koala do not need a lot of water because it uses the moisture from the leaves. In Aboriginal language, the word koala means “no water”. My favorite animal at the zoo was the koala, just like my mother. My dad’s favorite animal was the rhino and little brother like the monkeys best. 

I was surprised to learn that during World War 2 the zoo had almost been completely destroyed by bombs. Several animals who survived the bombing have been eaten by the starving inhabitants of Budapest. Unfortunately, only 15 animals survived. I also learned that a famous architect drew the map of the zoo and that the zoo was full of “Art Nouveau” buildings.

In conclusion, I really liked the zoo because there were many animals and it was well built so we could really see the them. Unfortunately, the zoo was so big that we did not have time to visit it all. To visit the whole zoo, it takes about 5 hours. I would highly recommend to visit this zoo as it’s really worth it.  

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