Epic Family Journey

My visit to the Circus of Budapest

This summer, I went to the circus of Budapest in Hungary. We left home around 6 o’clock in the evening, because the show was starting at 7 o’clock. We came back home very late that day. My whole family went to the show by foot. We saw the show called “Fountain Circus Show-Children of Atlantis “. There was a lot of water in this show. I loved it, especially the dog show. We even ate pop corn.

My favorite show at the circus was the one with the dogs. One of the dogs could walk standing on a large roll of metal, he was also able to walk backwards on its front legs and even to make a backflip. It was very, very, very impressive! There were small dogs that could also jump through super high hoops . There were other big dogs who were racing and sat on a bench. The dogs were too cute.

My second favorite show was the one about parrots. One of the parrots was driving a car. At the end of their show, the parrots were flying everywhere in the circus. One almost hit me, I got a little scared.

It wasn’t just shows with animals. There was also some acrobats. We saw someone who did some super cool stuff like standing on a pole horizontally in the air. There was also a girl who did a show with a super long red ribbon with which she hung just with her feet and other times just with her hands. It looked very dangerous. She also did the splits in the air. Ouch!

There were also magic shows that were scary because the magician used torches with green fire. There was also juggling numbers with a juggler who juggled hats, it was very funny. He cheated in his number, by touching his hat to keep it on his head.

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