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After one month on the road

It’s hard to believe that it has been a month already since we started our great adventure around the world. We saw so many things, we have learned so much already… Time goes by very quickly.

Our blog

Initially, we had chosen to write this blog to give some new to our family and friends. It is much simpler to write our adventures in one place rather than writing a multitude of e-mails. In addition, we thought of using this blog as a travel journal. It is with modesty that we began to write down our adventures. We are not professional travel bloggers and have no hope to become some. We write only for fun and we are pleased to share with you our adventures and some of our pictures (some because we have already thousands, it’s very easy in Europe to take a ton of pictures). We are really impressed to see that there are so many people who follow us from everywhere in the world. For example, we received more invitations from people who wanted to host us in India that we have visiting days in this country;). Thank you very much, it is very generous!



We received several questions about the boys’ education. Don’t you worry, we do not want them to become illeterates, they will be educated or will educate themselves. After discussing with the school’s Principal and a School Board’s member, we realized that it was possible for the boys to leave one year outside the traditional school system. As we were leaving outside Canada, we couldn’t call it “homeschool” according to the provincial Government of Alberta. We received help from two extraordinary teachers who were willing to take their time to meet us and direct us on the right track. It has been agreed that the most important elements to focus on  was French and Mathematics. And by the way, Yes, the boys are going to a francophone school! Personally, we decided to add English in their school program. They will learn, sociology, history and sciences by the various life experiences that they will live and the various museums that they will visit. The posts they write on the blog are also part of their school curriculum and we ask you to be forgiving in regards as to what they write because the content is mainly dedicated to young people of their own age and we won’t interfere much in what they are writing. That being said, the school has already started for these two charming boys and they  haven’t realized it. They already learned a lot about the history of Europe pre and post WWII. Don’t worry, they will learn a lot during this journey.



When we did our research of housing in Europe, we realized that the apartments rentals was by far the most economical option for a family of 4. There is ample of choices and there is something for all budgets. We are now in our 5th apartment that we’ve rented via Airbnb. This allowed us to have a kitchen, a washing machine and a family life that is similar to our normal life for our children. We really thought that the shock of leaving their home and their friends would be enough to cope with. Maybe, we’ll try living in youth hostel a little later in the trip, or maybe we won’t. In Hungary, we are staying in the largest apartment so far with a bed for each of the boys. Let’s say that our experience with Airbnb is mixed. It is difficult to book an apartment only by watching pictures and we had an experience where the apartment could have been much cleaner.


Unnecessary items and loss

Picking the content of our backpack for our great adventure was quite a challenge. To date, we have lost a sleep eye mask in London, but we are doing fine without it. We’ve also lost a part of our universal adapter in Poland that we had to buy again in Czech Republic. We decided to leave our mini soccer ball which was too deflated to play with and took up too much space in Warsaw. We also realized that some devices were not charging in Europe and we will be sending everything back home in Canada next week. This is the case for a Nintendo DS as well as the hair clipper that we brought in order to save the costs of the Barber shop. By the way, it’s really fun to go to the Barber and to be chatting with the locals.


Our mood

The boys have a lot of fun. They almost don’t argue with each other. We all learned about family compromise regarding museums to visit or restaurants where we wanted to eat. The boys are always chatting and are not bored with each other yet. Me and Karine can’t have conversations without having one or the other wanting to show us something or ask us a question that can’t wait. Kolya is definitely our curious boy who always have a question to ask & who wants to understand why it went on like this and not like that. He’s very interested in European history and does not hesitate to offer his version of the facts. Hugo is very funny and his sense of humor is to die for. He’s always up for a fun activity and we discovered that he has a true passion for the animal world. We are quite proud of our two big boys who strive to keep up, without too much complaining of fatigue, despite all the walking we do everyday.


So far we love our trip, we take advantage of each day that pass and sometime small-scale activities are just as much appreciated as larger ones. We hope to have answered all your questions. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask us.

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  1. Shannon Ramirez

    So glad your boys are having this amazing experience! I stumbled upon and started following your blog once you embarked on this EPIC adventure. Your boys are about our boys’ ages (ours are 8 and 10) and I can only imagine what an incredible time they are having. Glad that you have the opportunity to “homeschool” them–it’s only natural that so much learning will happen organically. Let them soak it all in and have a blast. Many good vibes and wishes being sent your way from the Silicon Valley in California!

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