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The salt mines

In Poland, my family and I we went to visit the Wieliczka salt mines. These mines have existed for several centuries. From Krakow, we took the bus to go there. To descend into the mines, we had to be in a large group and we had to go down more than 100 stairs. We had to be in a group because otherwise we could have got lost in the mines.


We went to about 130 meters below the Earth and we walked a long time, about 3 hours. Almost everything was made of salt; stairs, walls, floors and even statues. I even tasted the salt that was on the wall. It tasted much better than the salt at home. It was a little cold in the mines, but much colder in the Museum which was still below the Earth. I had the put a jacket to warm up.


I even saw an underground church which was very nice. Everything was done in salt, even the chandeliers. Afterwards, we visited the salt mines museum and I’ve seen some huge salt crystals that looked like diamonds. We saw an old ladder and other tools all covered in salt crystals because there was salt in the air. The guide told me that in the mine air is 100% pure.


At the end of the visit of the salt mines we were like “teleported” upstairs from the floor -3 until the floor +1, a few blocks away from the Mine entrance. I loved my visit to the mines because the guide was very interesting. 

4 thoughts on “The salt mines

  1. Sara-Jade Angers

    Allo Hugo,
    J’aime ton blog et merci d’avoir ecrot à propos de la mine. C’est très intéressant.
    Je vais continuer à lire ton blog.

    A plus

  2. Josh

    Hi Hugo. Sorry I haven’t read your blog. I have been busy with friends, camping and family. I wish I could have been there at the salt mines with you guys. I miss guys.

    (Did you tell Erick about your blog)⊙⊙

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com

      We miss you a lot Josh. We can’t wait to go back to play with you in the ravine. No I don’t think we said anything about the blog to Erick.

      Kolya and Hugo

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