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World War II

My visit to Poland has changed my view of things. I love everything that relates to the first and second world war. During my visit to Warsaw and Krakow, I learned much about World War II. In Warsaw, I visited the Museum of insurgency while near Krakow I visited the Museum and memorial of Auschwitz. I’ll talk to you about what I have learned in these two museums.

During the second world war, the Germans attacked, amongst others, the Jews, the poles and the Soviets to conquer Europe. When the war to started, the Poles defended themselves, but unfortunately, they lost the battle. The Germans built the need and concentration camps such as Auschwitz I, which was used to execute their final solution, i.e. get rid of the Jews.

Fortunately, countries as the Canada came to aid the Poland, they were called the allied countries. In Warsaw, I learned that the allies were trying to send goods in Poland by dropping cargo that contained rifles, grenades, cigarettes etc. to help the resistance. The Germans used Polish prisoners as human shields and Resisters could not fire on the Germans. There were even children of my age in the resistance. They delivered the letters between the pockets of resistance.

In Auschwitz, I learned that prisoners were arriving on a train without a window to not show that they had people on that train. On the portal to enter the concentration camp, it was written “Arbeit Match Frei”, the work will make you free. All the deportees were to bring their most valuable objects for example: toys, jewelry, pictures etc. Upon arriving, the Nazis took their banding and kept for them what had value. Leaving the train, they separated the prisoners in two lines, the majority of women with young children and men who were either too old or too ill to work had to go straight to the shower. They their were asking to take their shower, but it wasn’t the water that came out, but gas ??, it was a gaz?.  Those who were in form had to work until they are too exhausted. They slept on a bunk bed and were feed by the soup and bread.

The Germans believed that they not killed enough people to Auschwitz I, so they created Auschwitz II, a giant concentration camp which seemed to me 5 times bigger than the first. In addition, they killed the prisoner much faster because they had built more gas chamber. There were many more buildings for the prisoners. At the end of the war, the Germans tried to destroy the most possible buildings before fleeing.

DSC_0303After the second world war the Poland had no choice to be managed by the Communists. The Soviets ran the Poland and many other countries of the Eastern Europe. This is one reason why people do not speak much English today. The Soviet Union controlled a part of Europe. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, the poles were unhappy. In 1989, the Soviet Union fell and the Poland and other countries won their independence.

During my visit to Auschwitz, I learned a lot of things about the Poland and I would like to return to Poland one day. I was very lucky to be able to visit Auschwitz and I’m lucky to be born in the Canada.

6 thoughts on “World War II

  1. GMA


    I like what you write in this post, but i can’t understand what you mean by ” I’m so lucky to be born in Canada.” ?

    thanks 🙂

  2. David Sfiligoi

    Kolya, I have never been to Poland, but as a history geek like you I believe what you saw in Auschwitz showed you the evil side of humankind. I hope you have learned an important lesson to never let extremists take any role in our free society. Sometime we may not like our neighbors but war and conflict never bring value to the table. Hitler did all these bad things because he was craving power and was afraid of everyone smarter than him, not because he wanted to build a superior society. This happened to so many countries such as China where they silenced so many intellectuals during the cultural revolution. The extremists are cowards. They are scared of their shadow… even the mouse are more civilized and braver than them.

  3. Cecile Whelan

    Hi Kolya, we love reading about all your adventures, and all the things you learn and experience on your trip! What you just learned about Auschwitz etc is what I learned in school in Holland when I was young. But here in Canada you would never learn this in so much detail, and definitely not at your age! You will come back to Canada with so much more knowledge and world experience, than any kids your age here! That makes you so “rich”! Keep enjoying it, there will be so many more unforgettable things for you this year! Tom & Alex say hi! Please say hello to your mom and dad from us also.

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com

      Thank you Cecile, we are having so much fun with the kids. They are learning a lot and we are so impressed by what they learned so far.

  4. Stephen De Bruyn

    Hi Kolya and Hugo. Hope you are having a great trip in Europe. I just read your blog and it is very interesting. It’s crazy what those Germans did. I can’t wait until you get back. Its been too long since we played. Your buddy, Josh

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