Epic Family Journey

I visited London with my family

During my trip to London, I noticed that there were many people who smoked cigarettes. I found it disgusting because I saw a picture of a brain on a pack of cigarettes that was all brown, yuck! ?

My family and I, went on several metro and train journeys to visit museums and Big Ben. There is no subway or train in Calgary, but there are trams that I do not use very often.

My family and I ate Fish and Chips, Meat Pies and scones in London. My mother has finally tasted fish.

What I preferred was to visit the Science Museum because there were interactive games such as the one where I could draw a vehicle to go into space and you could see if it worked for real on a screen afterward.

3 thoughts on “I visited London with my family

  1. Aamir

    Hey buddy! you are so lucky to have parents who have left everything behind to take you on this awesome and hopefully breathtaking journey! You will be telling stories to your kids one day about how awesome of a time you had visiting the coolest places in the world! Don’t get tired and keep up with mum and dad 🙂 Safe travels.

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