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My trip to London

Logement LondresOur plane trip has been a great success because the time has passed quickly. Arriving at the airport, it was already daytime. The airport was so big that we took a tram to get to another terminal. Then we took the train to go to our Airbnb,  where we were going to live. The apartment was so small that me and Hugo had to sleep on the same sofa-bed. After we’ve putted down our bags at our Airbnb, we went to eat in a London pub, I ate pasta with meat.

StoutThe food in London was very good and very expensive? “omg”. We ate scones, brioches, meat pies & Fish and Chips. We drank tea, coffee,  orange juice and my dad took a London Stout (beer). The food was so expensive that sometimes we skipped lunch and were only eating snacks. Before our departure from London at the airport, we took a lunch called a “meal deal” which consists of a sandwich, a drink, and chips for 4 pounds. “what a deal????”.


In London, there was a lot of museums, we have visited several of them. We visited Tate (Modern art museum), I saw a lot of abstract and bizarre paintings. We even saw a real Picasso. My dad really enjoyed this museum.

I loved the Sciences Museum, I could see real bombs, the true Apollo 3 rocket, trains, cars and  a ton of informations about Yuri Gagarin, the first man to be go into space. Hugo also liked this museum.

We also visited the London Tower, there were armors, crowns of Kings and Queens, paintings. I’ve even seen the torture room with its different machines. There was also an exhibition on the odd gifts given to the Kings, such as lions, elephants or even gold pistols. My dad didn’t like this museum.

MOM… she liked everything really.. I swear!


Which picture do you prefer?

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  1. David Sfiligoi

    I like the space suit and the dragon. It’s too bad you don’t have picture of your mom liking every museum.

    Nice Blog Kolya.

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