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A few weeks before departure

There’s less than a month before the big departure. We live with a surplus of emotions; excitement about the approaching departure, stress of not being able get everything done before leaving and apprehension of what is coming. Are we really leaving our cozy comfort for a nomadic life? The comfort of our bed, the space that everyone can have in the house, hot water for the shower, two cars that bring us from point A to point B quickly and comfortably.

As the weather is great in Calgary, we try, as much as our schedule permits, to take advantage of these week ends to go play outside with our friends.

I read a post recently about a mother of two children who traveled for a year to realize that the grass is not greener on the other side. She mentioned that she was happy to be back in her home, that she had not found happiness in travel, but rather in the moments spent with family. Fortunately, we are not leaving to find happiness. Everyone should have their own reasons to go on a journey, we start with a goal of discovering the world and show it to our children. I believe that we will emerge grown from this experience from a personal and family perspective. But we will see about that in a year?

During these weeks of preparation, we had to get a series of vaccines. Our cadet is counting the days before that fateful date, when he’s going to receive his last shots. He does not like vaccines and we do not like to pay for them. It is a very expensive precaution to take & the worst in all this is that we will never know if they have actually worked since they will have done their job of protecting us. But we are pro-vaccination and prefer to rely on this health insurance rather than to worry, especially since we will spend about six months in Southeast Asia. We went for a real cocktail (Hepatitis. Typhoid, Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis). Our travel clinic doctor helped us greatly with the planning part of Asia, since he traveled there himself. He was able to put us on the right track. We had to have a more or less established plan for this part of the journey in order to get enough medication against Malaria.

We still need to shop for health insurance, just in case something happens, and finish preparing the House. Good thing that our tenants took the home furnished, we don’t know where we could have put all of our possessions. We feel really fortunate to have so many amazing friends in Calgary who will be able to keep some of our boxes, our couch and our bed, it gives us a huge cost break and we are enormously grateful.

7 thoughts on “A few weeks before departure

  1. Michelle

    I look forward to reading your updates starting with the summer ones in Europe. I read everything with hunger as I will live vicariously through you. What a fabulous adventure. Congratulations!

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Peter – honestly staying in Airbnb have been great but they make the Poco Inn feel like a Ritz Carlton.

  2. Tiffany

    What an incredible experience this will be for you and your family. Very excited for you! Looking forward to living vicariously through you and this awesome blog! All the best

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