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Preparing our journey

I’m FREAKING OUT! We are a few weeks away from our great departure. Still, we have too little time to put our house in order for our new tenants who will live in our house for a year. This is good because for a little while now,  we have been focussing on sorting our possessions in order to simplify our lives and our environment. After several years of common life, we’ve accumulated a ton of stuff we don’t need anymore, which were in the closets and in the storage and were also taking a little room in our minds. We have sold, given away, recycled, and thrown all that congestion in our house. Karine has become a specialist on online sales sites and sold our “superfluous” objects for the surprising amount of approximately $3000. (who said they do not have enough money to travel?). This even became a running gag in our circle of friends. In our life, as for our trip, we aspire to live with less, be smarter about our purchases and spend on experiences rather than material.

DSC_0286We were fortunate to find super tenants to take care of our house during our adventure. While we have been dreaming of that journey for a long time, it is now happening.  We are currently discussing what we would like to visit. We know that we should relax and go with the flow, but as we start our trip in Europe during the summer period, we thought it would be prudent to make reservation for at least our accommodation and transport for the first two months. We’ve now spent several hours on different blogs and books to explore different routes, different options, different experiences. Initially, we wanted to go everywhere, we had more countries on our list than weeks to our trip. We had to narrow it down and go though a tough selection of countries that would allow us to have fun while respecting our budget.

dsc_0031We decided to focus on visiting Eastern Europe to discover this region less travelled but o how rich in history, castles, ruins and cultures. We picked India for a real adventure which will certainly take us out of our comfort zone. Finally, Southeast Asia for its cities and villages, its jungle and idyllic beaches. In total, we have fifteen-ish countries in which we are planning to spend a few days to a few weeks to soak up in the place. We decide to ‘slow travel’, to fully enjoy our sabbatical year. This coming July we will be leaving everything to new horizons!

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  1. Robyn-Lea Schulz

    Gidday Simon (& family 🙂 ‘Met’ you on LinkedIn. Keen to connect re house sitting. Yes – you CAN get free accommodation on your travels, though some countries are easier than others. Is Australia in your sights? I C you’re going to S/East Asia. Australia’s west coast is not far from there, where there are great houses to ‘sit’ while home owners take off on their very own adventure. Suggest worth considering – gives you somewhere to settle for a while, for FREE, and recover from the rigours of the road. Compare House Sitting gives you a ‘feel’ for the opportunities, and tho my (current) focus is Australia, house sitting is booming world-wide. Happy to have-a-chat as happy to help: perchance for a back link if you deem my site worthy? I have lots of free credit and could ring? Robyn-Lea

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Robyn-Lea, we were not planing on house sitting as we want to sightsee as much as possible on our short time in a particular place.

      1. Robyn-Lea Schulz

        Understand. However, keep in mind house sitting is a viable option if you’re hankering to enjoy some home comforts for a spell i.e. free accommodation while you live like a local. You’re not restricted to staying home all day. Do you know of TravelwithBender? “The World’s No.1 Family Travel Blog” which contains heaps of helpful information from this family of 4 from Perth Western Australia who “left home” in 2012…and are still travelling. Wishing you all a wonderful, life changing adventure 🙂

  2. flutsch

    Hi guys!

    I just read about your trip on LinkedIn and like to share my thoughts: GREAT STUFF

    My wife and I have done (almost) the same in 1997/1998 for a little over 1 year:

    – from Germany to Montreal (March 1997)
    – to New Orleans
    – to Charlesten SC
    – to Montreal
    – to Calgary – Banff – Lake Luise – Jasper – Edmonton – Vancouver – Vancouver Island
    – to Union Island
    – to Seattle – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Tijuana – Dallas – Los Angeles
    – to Auckland
    – to Sidney – Melbourne
    – to Singapore
    – to Johor Bahru, Melakka, Tioman Island, Sibu Island
    – to Bangkok
    – to Berlin (April 1998)

    just without kids. So: with 2 kids in our family today I do have a picture on how much greater value your trip is. Very encouraging and I wish you the best time when you are experiencing it. We are talking or thinking about the trip all the time – it’s also of great value for our kids.

    However, love to read your stories.

    Stay safe
    Tanja, Paula, Moritz & Martin from Berlin

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com Post author

      Wow, that sounded quite a trip. Make sure to let us know if you stop by Calgary in a year 😉

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com Post author

      I suggest you to read our post on preparation. We sold a bunch of stuff, sold our cars and saved money by cutting on expenses…

      1. A K Gupta

        Really it is possible to achieve this just by selling stuff to travel for a year. Great learning . Find time please visit Bangalore India

  3. thejetjackson

    Sounds exciting Simon.

    About 4 years ago I quit my job and did the same, albeit as a single young man, so it wasn’t as ‘big’ a decision as yours. The irony was, when I returned, I went into a higher paying job with more responsibility, and have since fast tracked in that role. Travel opens your mind to the world, and the opportunities out there. It will challenge you and increase your tolerance to ambiguity. I have found that the decision to take 18 months out of my career has actually helped my career, rather than hindered it.

    My suggestions, obviously there is couchsurfing, and there are couchsurfing families out there that you will be able to connect with. You could also try helpx, if you want to volunteer and stay in a particular location for a month or so to recuperate and re-energize – that is a great resource. I worked on a horse ranch, and in a vineyard while on my travels.

    I met my wife on that trip, and we hope to do something similar later in life when we have children and they are old enough. If you want any tips on Europe, just ask. Our standout experiences were couch surfing in Italy, Bazludja in Bulgaria, and the islands of Croatia.

    1. epicfamilyjourney@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks for the comment. So far we rented a bunch or Airbnb. We have not explore yet the option or couch surfing and have been talking about some volunteering as a family at some point in our travel. We’ll need to take a look into that quite soon.

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