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Our life in Calgary

When we arrived in Calgary, Karine realized that the city was well changed in little more than a decade. New neighborhoods, more inhabitants, Calgary is a city in constant evolution. From our place, we simply need to walk a few blocks in order to benefit from an incredible view on the Rocky Mountains. Even today, four years later, we are still amazed at the sight of this chain of mountains in the distance. We love this city that marry a cosmopolitan vibe in the downtown area, but continues to offer the charm of a small town in periphery. Infrastructures are well-kept and recent, so much so, that our youngest son asked us why there were so many bumps on the streets of Montreal, during our last stay in Quebec. The city invests a lot in Visual art and you can find something for everyone at the four corners of Calgary.

Located less than an hour of Kananaskis provincial park, we can enjoy a beautiful playground. When we are not in a music school or at the arena for hockey or lacrosse, we take the opportunity to do as much outdoor activities as possible. During the winter, we love skiing and snowboarding. The boys could even learn to ski on the beautiful slopes of Lake Louise. We took advantage of the proximity of the ski resorts to visit Nakiska, Sunshine, Lake Louise, Fernie and Kimberley. We love Lake Louise and the multiple sides to the mountain and amazing slopes,  but Fernie is Simon’s favorite mountain, especially when we stay in a “ski-in-ski out” with great friends and a hot tub. In addition to enjoying the slopes, we enjoy winter hiking, an ideal (and free) family activity.


The rest of the year, we love to go hiking and camping in the area. We even introduced the boys to back country camping, which is quite a challenge for a family with young children. Since they are not strong enough to carry a lot of material, we must help carry their stuff in addition to carrying a 4 person tent and food for all of us. Now the boys are “able” to carry their clothes, their sleeping bag and their mattress. With much encouragement and $3 of candies, we are able of leading them safely to our destination. We hope that a year around the world with a backpack will help our youngest to be more… to be less whining 😉 when our next camping trip comes.

We will leave our corner of paradise in July, hoping to be able to find a job on our return to the Canada and be able to stay in this wonderful city that we now call our ‘Home’.

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    Its amazing idea, and really a spirt I wish I can have, if you think to visit egypt, please donot hesitate to accept my invitation to stay at our home,

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