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Uprooting Ourselves

Those who know us know that we are on the move. It’s been already 6 years since we followed the maxim “GO WEST” and pursued an opportunity to work IMG_8314outside of Quebec. This new position brought us to Winnipeg, Manitoba, a town also called “Winterpeg”. Without having ever actually set foot in Winnipeg, we decide to sell our House, uproot our children then 2 and 5 years old, and go on an adventure. This was the beginning of a great adventure, of which we keep all wonderful memories. We have discovered a warm, welcoming and sincere city. While it is true that winters are dramatically cold, summer is always sunny and very warm. It is also true that the land is flat, but it made it easier for the kids to learn how to ride a bike. Finally, with regards to the mosquitoes, well we were very lucky and crossed very little during our stay.

We were so proud to see our boys who could not speak a word of English at the time, interact with other kids in our new neighborhood. It’s even because of our front neighbours that our eldest son discovered a passion for hockey that lasts even today. It is through school that we met Franco-Manitoban families which have become very close friends. It is also thanks to the school that we could learn another part of our Canadian history. History taught to the young Quebecers is not the same as the one that is taught to the young Manitobans. We have leaned about new heroes as well as a battle for the French language which was totally unknown to us.

We stayed two school years in Winnipeg. As we knew that we would only be passing through, we tried to see everything and enjoy what this region could offer. We greatly enjoyed the endless sunsets in the summer, amazing lakes and sandy beaches. We also enjoyed the eggs of the Pine Ridge Hollow Farmer’s market, the great walks to the Fork and the gardens of Assiniboine Park.

Finally, we were also able to enjoy the winter pleasures, such as the Festival des Voyageurs, walks in Birds Hill park and visits to the zoo while there is only a few other visitors brave enough to go there by freezing weather.

It was with great sadness to leave our friends, but with the taste to continue the adventure that we left Winnipeg to continue our journey further out West. A new professional opportunity brought us in Calgary, Alberta. It is with great pleasure that Karine was coming back in the Rocky Mountains, this wonderful playground. But that… is another story.

One thought on “Uprooting Ourselves

  1. Vik J

    Just saw your post on LinkedIn and that led me here. I am a Winnipegg’er (East Indian descent) who is currently in Dubai (since 2011). We keep a house in Winnipeg and I’ve traveled extensively on work as I used to manage International Business for a company out of Canada. I’ve been in 47 countries and counting. The irony however, is that I rarely got the chance to take in the sights & sounds of the cities/countries I traveled to, and focused instead on growing my employers business. A case in point was that it was only on my 4th trip to Beijing I managed to go over and see the Great Wall

    Someday, I’d want my son (13) to travel with me to travel, learn and acquire knowledge. From the proverbial tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and good in everything out there.

    For now I hope to live the experience vicariously with admiration and wish you and your family safe travels and wonderful memories.


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